Roti Boti Takeaway delights

Take the taste of Roti Boti® home with you! Delight in our diverse menu of authentic Indian dishes, perfect for takeaway.


Samosa (2pcs) DV

Triangle Shaped pastry, stuffed with spiced peas & potatoes served along with sweet tamarind chutney 

$ 10

Onion Bhaaji VG

Rings of onion coated in chickpea batter then golden fried


Pakoras (4pcs) VG

Spinach & Cauliflower fritters in exotic spices & chickpea batter then golden fried

$ 9

Hara Bhara Kebab (3pcs) DVGS

Spinach, potato & Green peas Kebab served with mango & Mint chutney

$ 15

Tandoori Paneer (4pcs) DV

Fresh Cottage cheese marinated in yoghurt, carom seeds, turmeric and yellow chili skewered and grilled in tandoori oven


Drums of Heaven (4pcs) DG 

(Kids Favorite)

Marinated chicken wings & drumettes cooked in an sweet orange & ginger sauce

$ 10


Aloo Tikki

Mashed potato Patty filled with dry fruits and nuts and pan fried

Samosa DV

Triangle shaped pastry, stuffed with spiced peas & potatoes

An Indian Street Delight, all topped up with three sauces:

Tamarind (sweet), Sour Mint (spicy) and Cool Yoghurt (flavoured with cumin) Garnish with chopped onion, tomato and fresh coriander.


Mix Tandoori Grill (8pcs) DGS  

(PERFECT FOR FAMILY) Sizzling selection of tandoori kebabs


Tandoori Chicken DGS

The “King of Kebab” Chef’s signature dish 

(4pcs) Half $16 – (8pcs) Full$22

Tandoori Fish Tikka (4pcs) DGS  

Rockling Fish fillets marinated with salt, fresh ginger garlic paste, turmeric and lemon juice, topped up with tandoori yoghurt paste & cooked in tandoor

$ 16

Tulsi Tandoori Prawns (8pcs) DGS

Prawn cutlets marinated with yogurt ginger garlic mint & basil cooked in tandoori oven

$ 28

Barra Kebab (4pcs) DGS 

Royal Cumin infused lamb cutlets flavored with clove & cardamom cooked in clay oven

$ 22

Chicken Tikka (4pcs) DG

Succulent pieces of chicken marinated with hung yoghurt & lemon cooked in tandoor

$ 18

Kastoori Kebab (4pcs) DGS 

Boneless chicken pieces marinated overnight in yogurt, ginger and garlic paste, infused with roasted fenugreek leaves, cooked to perfection in tandoor

$ 18

Seekh Kebab (4pcs)

Skewered mince lamb flavored with ginger, coriander, and mixed in house spices cooked in tandoor

$ 14

D Contains Dairy l S Signature Dish l V Vegetarian

G Gluten Free l N Contains Nuts l *Vegan

We can customise certain dishes


Prawn Balchao DGS 

Prawns sauteed in ginger along with capsicum & onion with the touch of almond gravy and coconut cream

$ 23
Haldi Chilli Prawn “Chef’s Signature Dish” $ 26

Prawn Hara Masala G

Fresh prawns cooked with green herbs and spices along with coconut milk, tempered with mustard seeds.

$ 23

Goan Fish Curry

Fish fillets gently cooked in a ground coconut & coconut milk

$ 26

Rara Goat Curry G

Himachali Delicacy Mouth-watering & tantalizing Goat on the bone simmered with whole bundle of spices such as cardamom cloves, cumin, ginger & pinch of nutmeg along with lamb mince & coriander

$ 24

Butter Chicken DGNS 

Clay oven roasted chicken tikka simmered in “satin smooth” tomato gravy redolent of kastoori methi

$ 24

Chicken Tikka Masala DG 

Tandoori Chicken tikka simmered in creamy tomato gravy with a blend of spices, bell peppers and garlic

$ 24

Mango Chicken DG

Amazingly aromatic sweet & creamy dish cooked with alfonzo mangos

$ 24


Trio of Chutneys (Mango, Tamarind & Mint) $11.95 or Each $5.95

Mint $5.95 l Raita $7.95 l Kachumber Salad l $8.95

Pappadums $6.00 | Mixed Pickle $5.95 l Onion salad $7.95

Mixed Salad $9.95 | Green Chillies $5.50 | Pickled onion $6.95


Palak Paneer DVG 

Fresh ground spinach cooked with onion, tomato, fresh green herbs & cubes of cottage cheese


Shahi Paneer DVG 

Cottage cheese simmered in a creamy tomato gravy blended with spices


Aloo Gobhi VG “Absolutely essential” 

Classic Indian dish of potato & cauliflower

$ 19

Malai Kofta DVN 

Cheese & potato dumplings stuffed with raisins & nuts, in a creamy Mughai gravy


Aloo Palak DVG 

Potatoes & spinach curry with a touch of fresh ginger & coriander. “Divine”


Aloo Baingan VG 

Potatoes & Eggplant sautéed with onions, tomatoes, fresh ginger & coriander


Baingan Bharta VG 

Eggplant roasted in tandoor mashed then cooked along with onions, tomatoes & fresh coriander


Pumpkin Bhaji VG

Mashed pumpkin tempered with fennel & mustard seeds


Dal Makhani DVS

“One of India’s most loved dal” Black lentils cooked overnight & finished with tomatoes, butter & cream


Tadka Daal  VG “Absolutely essential”

Yellow lentils delicately tempered & seasoned with ginger garlic & cumin


D Contains Dairy l S Signature Dish l V Vegetarian

G Gluten Free l N Contains Nuts l *Vegan

We can customise certain dishes


Steam $4 | Saffron $5 | Jeera $6| Coconut $7

Mutter ka Pulao 

Basmati rice cooked with green peas & garnished withgolden fried onions


Kashmiri Pulao 

Saffron rice cooked with dry fruits and nuts



Chicken $19 | Lamb $10 | Prawn $23 l Goat $21 | Veg $16

Fragrant Basmati rice cooked with house dried spices served
with bhurani Raita & papad


Choose your protein

CHICKEN $24 l LAMB $24 l BEEF $24 l SEAFOOD $28 l PANEER $19

Rogan Josh G
“Heavenly blend of spices”
Cardamom, fennel, bay leaves, cloves, peppercorns,cinnamon, onion & tomato-based gravy

Korma DG

A mild curry simmered in a coconut & almond based gravy infused with cardamom

Saag DG

A mild spinach curry garnished with ginger & fresh coriander

Kadhai G

Delicious semi-dry curry cooked in wok with onion, tomato, bell pepper, ginger, garlic, crushed coriander & other spices

Madras G

“Rich with southern Indian flavour” coconut milk,mustard seeds & the heat of dried chilli

Jalfrezi G
A hot curry with green chillies, peppers, onion, and tomatoes along with vegetables.
Methi Malai DGS
Fenugreek, onion, garlic, ginger, and tomatoes-based gravy


Roti (Wholemeal)
Garlic Roti $5

Naan (Plain Flour)


Plain $4 | Garlic $5 | Cheese $6 | Butter $5



Plain $3 | Aloo (Potato) $4| Pudina (Mint) $5 l Lachha (Flaky) $5


Superfine white flour bread stuffed with mildly spiced onions, potatoes, or cottage cheese


Kabuli Naan 

White flour bread stuffed with raisins, nuts & coconut


Keema Naan

White flour bread stuffed lamb mince and mild spices



Home Made Kulfi DV 

Flavoured homemade Indian ice cream

Pistachio Kulfi | Mango | Rose | Coconut* (Vegan)


Gulab Jamun DV 

Fried Milk dumplings soaked in sugar syrup & served warm with vanilla ice cream


Gajar Halwa DVN

Classic Indian Dessert made of carrot & Dry fruits


Trio of Desserts DVS 

Pista, Mango & Gulab Jamun


D Contains Dairy l S Signature Dish l V Vegetarian

G Gluten Free l N Contains Nuts l *Vegan

We can customise certain dishes


Samosa 4pcs, Chicken Tikka 4 pcs, Lamb Rogan Josh, Butter Chicken, 2 Rice, 2 Naan Accompaniment: Raita, Puppadums


Samosa 6pcs, Mix Tandoori Grill (8pcs) Butter Chicken, Lamb vindaloo, Dal, Aloo Palak, 2 Rice, 2 Naan, 2 Garlic Naan

Raita & Mango Chutney

Gulab Jamun 6pcs Coke 2Itr


Coke, Coke Zero, Lemonade, Fanta


Coke, Coke Zero, Lemonade Fanta 2L$5.95
Lassi Sweet, Mango$5.95

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